Podar Jumbo Kids Platinum preschool offers a high-quality early years education for children in Mumbai aged 2 to 6. For the first time in Mumbai, children can experience the Exploration curriculum - based on the highly valued and renowned Finnish Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) and inspired by Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches. Our teachers and leadership have been trained to deliver Finnish pedagogy that empowers each child to explore their natural creativity and reach their full potential.
The School has resumed. We are accepting new enrollments and activities are being conducted online.”

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Our vision at Podar Jumbo Kids Platinum is to let children be children by allowing them to learn through purposeful play, without compromising on the academic outcomes. The values that drive and support everything we do at our preschool are:
Be bold – let children take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them
Innovate – allow each child to explore and discover their natural creativity
Collaborate – the best results are reached by collaborating, respecting, and trusting yourself and others
Empower – generate confidence in everyone to shape their own future
Have fun!


“The biggest challenge for schools in India is fighting the mindset that obsesses over scoring top marks in exams. Marks don't measure intelligence; they measure a child's ability to memorize and regurgitate information. By the time today's children grow up, AI and other technologies will automatically provide the information they require to complete their next task,” says Raghav Podar, Chairman of Podar Education. "My interest in the Finnish education model was especially piqued by Finland's approach to how they make learning stress-free and joyful, and also the value and trust Finland places in its teachers. These are features we need to bring to the Indian education system,” Podar adds. We invite all parents that want something more from their child’s education, to join us on our journey.

“Today’s kids are exposed to a lot of stuff, there is too much exposure, and then there is attention deficit. With my son, I have noticed these things and in this short period of time at PJK Platinum, there has been so much difference in terms of focus and concentration.” - Parent


Exploration curriculum: perfect balance of work and play With the Exploration curriculum, your child experiences a well-balanced mix of learning and playing, in a stimulating environment. Our pedagogical approach that stems from the Finnish early years system, focuses on playbased learning, where children are encouraged to develop transversal competencies that will enable a love for learning and build emotional, social, and collaborative skills. Academic skills are developed through various activities focusing on language, literacy and numeracy.

Some basic goals that we strive for everyday:

- Emotional and physical safety

- Development of social skills through collaboration

- Building a strong foundation of academic skills

- Exploring natural creativity

- Development of norms and local values

- Empowering children to become independent thinkers and collaborative learners


We have two different groups for your family to choose from:

Morning group (8:45-12:00)

Afternoon group (12:15-3:30)

Daily activities include circle time, activity time, free play, snack time, focused physical education, and story time. Our teaching methodology is supported by our flexible learning environment that invites movement, free play and activeness in children. At Podar Jumbo Kids Platinum, each child feels safe, valued, and empowered. A home away from home.

Our learning environment:

“Even the interactive TV and the bathroom are child sized, which makes them independent. Every topic is also segregated into different areas, I love the reading corner, it looks very cozy.” – Parent

Mobile App

Kindiedays connecting your family with us

Through the Finnish mobile app Kindiedays you will be able to follow your child’s learning progress through photos and videos, as well as chat with our teachers. Daily updates from us will improve communication between the school and home and allow you to be a part of your child’s learning journey at Podar Jumbo Kids Platinum.


Get in touch with us! Come and experience Mumbai’s first preschool based on the Finnish education system! Fill in our contact form and we will call you to arrange a personal conversation and visit to Podar Jumbo Kids Platinum.